Authentic Indian Food

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India is a large country comprising of people from different culture. As a result of this, one can explore a vast variety in Indian food. The type of food people eat varies from place to place with their own style of cooking. People are quite choosy when it comes to food in India, the methods they adopt, and the spices they choose are all of a great value to make the food worth eating. Traditions are what the Indian people value the most and in their traditions food plays a crucial role.

Cooking Techniques

There are a variety of Indian Dishes which follow different cooking techniques. The Indian food usually makes use of vegetables which are not that hard to cook. Many dishes are braised which means vegetables or meat are first cooked at high temperature in oil. Then they are cooked slowly in variable amount of liquid. Some dishes are made by shallow frying onions and spices and then braised while other are simply fried. However, there are certain dishes that require steaming.

Spices Used

The Indian style of food utilizes a variety of spices and the Indian food is often regarded as ‘spicy’. The spices used are what provide flavor and aroma to the food. Each spice has its own flavor but combination of different spices together spread a magic over the food. Use of spices differs from region to region in India. But that is what makes Indian Food different in the world.


Though Indian Spices are important to provide aroma and flavor to the food but Indians lay a special emphasis on serving of the food. Traditional food is often served by following the traditions of the people. Like the South Indian food is often served on banana leaves but the case may not be similar if one moves to North. Presentation of the food is very important.

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Food is an important part of any country. It defines the culture and traditions of each country. Indian food is not only easy to prepare but also the spices add value to the food here. Anyone with a tooth for spicy food or sweet dishes gets satisfied by Indian food and so it is important for the companies to preserve the original taste and aroma so that the customers are satisfied to the fullest.